We are a R.E.A.L. Catholic community that nurtures the whole child through
academic excellence, 21st Century innovation and active Catholic stewardship.

Ways of Worship (WOW)

Ways of Worship (WOW) helps Saint John XXIII students, teachers and staff to celebrate the beautiful traditions of our Catholic faith:

August: Assumption Of Mary Mass

September 12 from 6:00-8:00pm: New Family Retreat with Father Kline, 2nd Grade Retreat

October:  Middle School Retreats, Schoolwide Rosary for Our Lady of the Rosary led by 8th Grade students

November:  All Saints Mass, Schoolwide Thanksgiving Blessing, 5th Grade Retreat

December: Advent Wreath Blessing, Moms Advent Retreat, Reenactment of the Nativity

January: Catholic Schools Week, Schoolwide World Rosary

February: 1st Grade Retreat, Ash Wednesday Mass, Couples Retreat

March:  4th Grade Retreat, Schoolwide Prayer Project, Moms Lenten Retreat, 8th Grade reenacts Stations of the Cross as seen through the eyes of our Blessed Mother.

April:  3rd Grade Retreat

May:  May Crowning, Rosary for Our Blessed Mother and all Mothers, PK Retreat, Kinder Retreat

On top of these events, at weekly school Mass,  students also participate in being Lectors at mass and bringing up the gifts as well as the opportunity to sing in the choir.

Parent Volunteers
Parent Volunteers are welcome to help make these activities possible.  Parent volunteers don’t have to be an “authority” on Catholic traditions, just people who like to learn, grow, and share in the faith alongside the students of our school.  If you are interested on being part of a wonderful group of moms who help make these events possible, please contact Patti Jasinski – Director of Student Leadership and Campus Ministry Projects – pjasinski@saintjohnxxiii.org