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What is Scrip?

Scrip is a gift card program. St. John XXIII Catholic School purchases gift cards at a discount which we then sell for face value. The difference is profit for St. John XXIII Catholic School.  This program is designed for all families and will not cost you any more money than you are already spending.  We are simply asking you to do your shopping “through” us.

Scrip Buyers can earn a Tuition Rebate!
In addition to raising funds that are used to benefit your children’s education; school families have the opportunity to receive a tuition rebate at the end of the Scrip year. The Scrip Rebate Year runs from Feb. 1 through Jan. 31. The first $150 in Scrip profits will be directed to the school.  After that, the profits will be split: 50% will go to the school and 50% will go towards your tuition rebate.  You will be notified if you have earned a tuition rebate in March and rebates will be applied to your FACTS tuition account in April.

How to Participate…


Stop by the Scrip table, located in the school courtyard, and purchase gift cards.  We have over 60 vendors available.  Scrip cards are available Monday thru Friday at drop off (in the courtyard) and at pick up (in the Ramada). Special orders are available.


Purchase a reloadable Bashas’/AJ’s gift card for $10 from the SCRIP table. Bashas’/AJ’s stores will donate 6% of what you spend on your grocery purchases to St. John XXIII Catholic School.  Simply reload your card at the cashier/customer service prior to making your purchases.

If you have any questions or would like to place a special order please call or email Pegge Gentry at 480-905-0939 or email: pgentry@saintjohnxxiii.org.                         

Scrip Order Form

                                              Are You a Fry’s Shopper?

Enroll your Fry’s V.I.P. Card in the Fry’s Community Rewards Program.  Link your V.I.P. card to St. John XXIII (Organization #XW230) at www.FrysCommunityRewards.com.  Once your card is linked, every time you shop at Fry’s and use your VIP card, St. John XXIII will earn rewards.  Have your family and friends enroll as well.  Please note, you will need to re-enroll your Fry’s card in the Community rewards program each August.

                                               Enroll in Amazon Smile!

Go to the Amazon Smile website (link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/35-2351339).  Once you click and approve the request to support Saint John XXIII, there is nothing else to do!  (Except maybe share the link with your family and friends!!)