We are a R.E.A.L. Catholic community that nurtures the whole child through
academic excellence, 21st Century innovation and active Catholic stewardship.

St. John XXIII School Advisory Board Invitation

“Great occasions for serving God come seldom,

but little ones surround us daily” – St. Francis de Sales


Daily…daily we are invited to serve God and our community,

and those daily moments are what build our community

with small touches that make a difference. 


The SAB would love to invite you to learn more about what’s going on

and where you can step in to participate, at any level that works for you!


As we journey together and summer fades to fall, our invitations

are offered to help you grow in your faith,

to participate in school events, parent events,

and always to pray for our staff and teachers

who live out their commitment to our children’s education every day.



Three invitations for you:



Harvest Fest is back – Friday October 28th!

And we want to invite you all to volunteer at the level you can to make

this special event happen! 

You’ve probably heard from your room moms regarding

classroom sign ups – and yes!  We need you…

So please go in and sign up! 

Sometimes we find ourselves roping in

grandparents or a responsible teenager to help us with the kids,

and that’s okay, bring them too!


You will also be invited to a family sign up form so

planning can be done accordingly,

please be on the look out and make sure you fill that form out.


An update on Harvest Fest t-shirt:

you may remember that since Bingo Night was rained out,

the 8th graders missed an opportunity to raise funds for their mission trip.  

With a quick pivot and some creativity,

the t-shirt proceeds have been generously donated back to the 8th graders –

 and the result was a 400% increase in funds! 

Historically less than $200 was raised, and with the t-shirt support it’s over $900.



We are inviting you to watch a quick video from Father Mike Schmitz.

We’ve been prompted to share this video because of a

diocese-wide school board in-service day this past month. 

While unlimited good ideas were shared (more to come on that)

the core of our community is the gift of our faith.   

May this video bring you, all of you in your family

a re-focus on the gift we have been given:






While we strive to live with the wisdom

St. Theresa of Avila shares with us,  

“In all things give Him thanks” 

We also want to invite you to send a

note of thanks to someone, or many,

in our community.

Can you imagine over 300+ notes or emails flying around expressing gratitude?  We can, and it’s beautiful.


“Remember the past with gratitude.  Live the present with enthusiasm.  Look forward to the future with confidence.” – St. John Paul II


We can’t say it any better –

may we take actions that expresses our gratitude and

confidently move forward together.


As always, we are open to hearing from you –

you can chat with any of us when you see us around school

or email to grab a coffee – we love talking SJ XXIII

and all the goodness that’s going on.


Thank you for reading all the way to end –

lots to look forward to!


May God Bless you and your family

and our whole St. John XXIII Community!



Tiffany Bekaii-Saab, President

Sara Masciandaro, Vice President

Nicole Beyer

Eric Bolduc

Vicki Jones

Erin Likes

Kelly Kienle

Angie Kirstein

Michelle Manzella

Karli Moreno

Fabiola Sanchez

Angela Zufall