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CEA Tax Credit

How to Contribute

  • Step 1. Click to be directed to the CEA Contact/Billing form.
  • Step 2. Fill out CEA Contact/Billing Information and designate Saint John XXIII (201)
  • Step 3. A receipt of your contribution will be emailed to you for your tax records


Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) Tax Credit

Our Catholic faith reminds us that we are a sacred and social people with a call to family, community and active participation in service to others.

The State of Arizona through Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) provides Arizona taxpayers a unique opportunity to direct a portion of their state tax dollars to support Saint John XXIII, providing much needed scholarship assistance to those of our students who would otherwise be unable to receive a Catholic education.


Please share this no cost tax credit program with all you encounter and ask them to donate to CEA www.catholiceducationarizona.org and designate St. John XXIII. Contributions given by April 15, 2019 will count to our taxes this year and will even give you a tax deduction on your federal for next year. Read below for more information or call the office for more information. Please support our school through CEA and the tax credit. Thank you.


Our wonderful tax credit program has made a huge difference in our community and has aided many families with a reduction of the cost of tuition. We need your help to build on its foundation and take it to the next level. A few quick facts about the program:

  • The tax credit is a dollar for dollar CREDIT and is of absolutely no cost to you.
  • This is your chance to tell the state that you want a portion of your tax dollars redirected to St. John XXIII Catholic School.
  • It is easy to include with your taxes…really; you can do it yourself, ask your CPA, tax advisor or your TurboTax program.
  • Cost you nothing, zip, zero…nada!
  • Directly benefits our students when designated to SJXXIII.
  • This year through a successful campaign every family who applied (regardless of qualified need) received some form of an award towards tuition. This is huge and with more support we can grow this to benefit even more families!
  • This year you can redirect up to $1107 (single filer) or up to $2213 (married filers) and qualify for a reduction of your tax bill or refund AND a federal deduction.
  • Re-direct your taxes ! Act before April 15, 2019 for state credit on this 2018 state taxes and federal deduction for 2018…either way please do it and designate St. John XXIII.
  •  Yes, there are other tuition organization and we are aware of designations but if we contribute ourselves and ask family and friends to do the same…we can make St. John XXIII affordable for us all!

Please designate St. John XXIII and ask friends and neighbors to do the same to help us with our “You + 2” campaign. We can make such profound strides in making Catholic education more affordable for our entire community through this program but we need you! If you need more info please ask  or simply call the school office 480-905-0939. Thank you in advance.


The dollar amount you designate to Saint John XIII through CEA reduces your Arizona state tax liability by an equal amount with no out of pocket cost to you.  Additionally, you are able to deduct this amount on your 2018 Federal return if you make the contribution on or before December 31, 2018.